Places of interest to visit in Calafell

PLACES OF INTEREST TO VISIT IN CALAFELL Are you thinking about that getaway you need so much, but you don’t know what the perfect destination is? If you are looking for a beach, nature and good gastronomy, your ideal destination is Calafell. You will fall in love with it in every way! Calafell is a […]

The importance of rest and its impact on work life

THE IMPORTANCE OF REST AND ITS IMPACT ON WORK LIFE In modern life, it is increasingly common to rush to assume responsibilities, which causes us to often forget the importance of taking a break and disconnecting from everyday life. The idea of taking time to rest, disconnect and recharge our batteries may seem like an […]

The Carnival in Calafell

THE CARNIVAL IN CALAFELL Every year, when the long-awaited carnival arrives, Calafell becomes a dazzling spectacle that unites the community in an explosion of creativity and fun. From the origins to the modern festivities, the carnival in Calafell offers a unique experience full of traditions, exciting events and endless fun. If you want to know […]

Christmas in Catalonia: traditions that illuminate the season

CHRISTMAS IN CATALONIA: TRADITIONS THAT LIGHT UP THE SEASON Christmas in Catalonia is a magical time, full of deep-rooted traditions that give a unique charm to this festive season. In this blog we explain the most notable Christmas traditions of Catalan culture and how they are celebrated here. The living manger: nativity scene in action […]

Enjoy winter on the beach: sports for the cold season

ENJOY WINTER ON THE BEACH: SPORTS FOR THE COLD SEASON When we think of the beach, it is easy to imagine sunny summer days, warm sand and cooling water, but the beach in winter also has its charm. You will find a calmer environment and the perfect opportunity to practice outdoor sports. So if you’re […]

Discover a coastal jewel: Tourism in Calafell and its surroundings

DISCOVER A COASTAL JEWEL: TOURISM IN CALAFELL AND ITS SURROUNDINGS Calafell, a treasure on the Catalan coast, is a destination that combines history, culture and natural beauty. Surrounded by stunning landscapes and rich historical heritage, it is the perfect place for a holiday full of fun and exploration. In this blog, we will take you […]

Advantages of traveling in September

ADVANTAGES OF TRAVELING IN SEPTEMBER When most people think of travel, they tend to focus on the summer months. However, there is one often overlooked month that could be the key to an exceptional travel experience: September. Traveling in September offers a number of advantages that make it an ideal time to explore new places. […]

Advantages of traveling to coastal places in summer

ADVANTAGES OF TRAVELING TO COASTAL PLACES IN SUMMER Summer is that time of the year that we all want to arrive and it gives us the perfect opportunity to explore and enjoy different places, escaping from everyday life. One of the best experiences to make the most of summer are coastal destinations. From golden sand […]