Every year, when the long-awaited carnival arrives, Calafell becomes a dazzling spectacle that unites the community in an explosion of creativity and fun. From the origins to the modern festivities, the carnival in Calafell offers a unique experience full of traditions, exciting events and endless fun.

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Xurigué Carnival in Calafell

One of the most anticipated celebrations of the year is coming to Calafell. The Calafell carnival is the best Carnival on the Costa Dorada, which, in addition, this year will have four large parades that will flood the streets with magic, light and color. It will take place from Thursday, February 8 to Wednesday, February 14.

And why is it called Xurigué Carnival?

For Calafell, the carnival is much more than a night of costumes, it is four days in which fun is guaranteed with magnificent shows, parades and activities that captivate children and adults alike every year.

According to tradition, Xurigué is known as a fantastic-looking flying fish that symbolizes the tradition and carnival spirit of Calafell, which contributes the soul of the most Mediterranean carnival.

How carnival is celebrated in Calafell

Although the Carnival festivities in Calafell vary every year, they always introduce their traditions, history and culture into each festivity they organize.

Carnival parade

The highlight of the festivities is, without a doubt, the Carnival parade. Groups of people dressed in costumes, colorful and creative outfits parade through the main streets of Calafell. Decorated floats, live music and dancing fill the atmosphere with joy and fun. This parade is a vibrant display of creativity and the purest spirit of Calafell.

This year there are four large streets that will make Calafell vibrate with the festive energy of Carnival:

  • The fun breaks out on the 9th at 9:00 p.m. on Rambla Mossen Jaume Tobella street, filling the streets with floats and costumes in a unique celebration.
  • The next day, February 10 at 12:00, the street begins on Pablo Picasso Street.
  • The party continues on the night of the same day at 10:00 p.m., when the third street unfolds on the promenade of Sant Joan de Déu.
  • Finally, the closing of this Carnival will take place on February 11 at 5:30 p.m., starting from the same place as the third. These events promise days full of joy, making the Calella carnival an unforgettable experience for the entire community.

For more information consult the program of events of the Calafell town hall here.

Costume contest

Contests to find the best costumes are an essential part of carnival celebrations, in which both children and adults participate. Winners typically receive prizes and recognition from the community.

Events and activities for children during carnivals

The carnival in Calafell is an inclusive festivity that involves people of all ages. Specific events are organized for children, such as games, creative activities and competitions designed to ensure that the little ones can also enjoy the celebration.

This carnival, the February 8 at 5:30 p.m., the Calafell square It will be filled with laughter and joy with an exciting hot chocolate and a show for the little ones in the family, where children can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate while watching a show full of magic, music and entertainment.

On February 10, at 5:30 p.m., the fun for the little ones continues with an exciting Children’s Carnival that will take place at the Jaume Vilamajó de Segur Pavilion in Calafell. This event is specially designed to entertain children with an afternoon full of laughter, games and surprises and will be repeated the next day, at 12:00 at the Joan Ortoll Pavilion in Calafell.

Music and dance

Both music and dancing are a fundamental part of the Carnival in Calafell, and to finish these impressive Carnival celebrations, they organize a party called “Festa del Cos Blanc”, where the entire community meets on Monturiol street starting at 7 p.m.

Local bands and music groups star in this party, giving life to the event, and the active participation of the crowd and the spontaneous dancing that is created on the immense dance floor immediately livens up the atmosphere.

The winning floats and troupes from this year will also parade. This great party is, without a doubt, the most anticipated and massive celebration of the Carnival in Calafell, which you cannot miss under any circumstances.

The Calafell Carnival is not only a beautiful spectacle, but an example of how people come together to celebrate life and create unforgettable moments, and every year, a new story is written, full of laughter, colors and the special connection that makes This charming town is unique.

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