Are you thinking about that getaway you need so much, but you don’t know what the perfect destination is? If you are looking for a beach, nature and good gastronomy, your ideal destination is Calafell. You will fall in love with it in every way!

Calafell is a small municipality on the Costa Daurada of Tarragona, where the fishing and seafaring tradition is reflected in a special way in its gastronomy, which will delight you in every way.

Calafell has a welcoming atmosphere and impressive natural surroundings, this destination offers a perfect getaway for those seeking relaxation and adventure. Discover its historical monuments, enjoy its exquisite local cuisine, and relax on its beautiful beaches while you immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of the Catalan coast.

These are some destinations in Calafell that you could visit during your stay, enjoy this experience to the fullest!

Calafell Medieval Castle

The Medieval Castle of Santa Creu, located in the upper part of Calafell, is a medieval treasure that has stood the test of time since its first mention in 1037. To visit it, you must pay €4 at the entrance, but an appointment is not required.

This ancient fortified enclosure has witnessed epic transformations, from its origins as a defensive bastion on the border of the Hispanic March to becoming an elegant Gothic palace inhabited by nobles.

Over the centuries the castle suffered periods of abandonment and destruction, including its conversion to a cemetery until 1938. However, thanks to the efforts of the Calafell Castle Foundation Board since 1982, this historic site has been restored and opened to the public.

Today, the Castle of Santa Creu is much more than a medieval fortress. It is a captivating open-air Archaeological Park that tells the history of Calafell through a renewed museography. Visitors can explore its most notable corners, from the Romanesque church to the cistern and communion, each with captivating stories that reveal the secrets of this charming town.

Cova Foradada Route

This route takes us to the top of the municipality of Calafell, from where you can see traditional landscapes, while you enjoy a walk along old paths.

In the middle of the path, there is a remarkable cave, located in the Escarnosa mountain, where archaeological remains from the Paleolithic were found, as evidence of the cutaneous presence of Neanderthal man and Homo Sapiens.

The Cova Foradada route is classified as an easy route lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes on foot, which is equivalent to approximately 9 kilometers.


The route starts from the old Confraria de Pescadors, now the Calafell Pescador Interpretation Center. We will walk along the picturesque promenade towards the center of town, passing by the charming church of Sant Pere and the vibrant Carrer de Montserrat. From there, we will head towards the train station, surrounding the Calafell Aventura Park and discovering the old Iberian Ciutadella de les Taixoneres.

We will cross the C-31 and enter Bellamar, exploring rural roads between dry fields and vineyards. We will ascend towards the Casalot del Viola, an old defensive fort, and we will immerse ourselves in an enchanted forest until we reach the magical Cova Foradada.

We will descend passing through the recreational area of l’Escamosa and follow the Torrent de Montpaó, where we will finally conclude our route in front of the Calafell tourist office.

Get ready to live an unforgettable experience exploring the nature and history of this charming corner of Catalonia!

The golden beaches of Calafell

In Calafell, the extensive golden sand beaches stand out for their beauty and the diversity of activities for the whole family that can be done there.

Known as “the baby bottle beach” for its gentle terrain and calm waters, it is the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing day with the family. With hammock and awning service, the little ones can enjoy the sea safely. In addition, facilities such as accessible showers, assisted bathrooms and Red Cross lifeguard service are offered on all beaches.

For the more adventurous, they also have the option of practicing various water activities and beach sports. The beaches of Calafell are fully equipped with restaurant services, volleyball nets and goals in the sand, catamaran rentals, windsurfing, sailing, etc.

The beaches of Calafell guarantee an unforgettable experience under the Mediterranean sun, enjoying all kinds of activities and fun.

Tarragona Amphitheater

For those passionate about culture and history, a getaway to the Tarragona Amphitheater is the best option during your stay in Calafell.

Just a 30-minute drive away, this ancient Roman treasure transports you to a time of glory and spectacle. Imagine walking through the same stands where exciting gladiatorial combats and theatrical events were once held. With panoramic views that take in the city and the Mediterranean Sea, the Tarragona Amphitheater offers an enriching cultural experience that perfectly complements your holiday in Calafell. Immerse yourself in the past and marvel at the grandeur of ancient Rome at this impressive historical site for just €5 entry.

The Tarragona amphitheater, built in the 2nd century near the sea, is an impressive oval structure with stands carved into the rock, which could seat 14,000 spectators. It was used for gladiator fights, public executions and other spectacles.

In the year 259, Bishop Fructuoso and his deacons Augurius and Eulogius were burned alive here. In the 6th century, a Visigoth basilica was built inside, followed by the medieval church of Santa María del Miracle. This historic structure is a powerful reminder of the region’s tumultuous past and remains a fascinating destination for visitors.

Calafell awaits you with open arms for an unforgettable experience next to the Mediterranean Sea!

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