Tarragona is full of history and culture, and its traditional festivals are an important part of its cultural heritage. These festivities are full of music, color and tradition and are a perfect opportunity to enjoy the local culture.

Many festivals are celebrated in the province of Tarragona throughout the year, so in this article we explain some of the most important ones:


Easter Week in Tarragona is a very important religious celebration in the locality, declared a Heritage Festival of National Interest. During these days, which vary depending on the year, numerous processions and religious events take place, which are the most famous of all Catalonia on these dates, and one of the most popular in Spain.

Montblanc Medieval Week

The Medieval Week of Montblanc is one of the most emblematic and outstanding festivals in the province of Tarragona and takes place during the last week of April, coinciding with the Diada de Sant Jordi, as the legend related to this festival occurs in the town of Montblanc.

Renaissance Festival

The Renaissance Festival is a historical event in the town of Tortosa, where the life and customs of the Renaissance period are recreated, specifically the culture and society of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

During the days of the festival, the inhabitants dress in period costumes, parades and theatrical performances are held, and markets and fairs are organized where typical products of those times are sold.

Alcanar and Ulldecona Quinquennial Festivals

The Quinquennial Festivals are festivals that are held in two localities of Tarragona, Alcanar and Ulldecona, and have the peculiarity of being a festival that is held only every 5 years, specifically the years ending in 4 and 9.

Santa Tecla’s feast

The feast of Santa Tecla is one of the most important festivities of the city of Tarragona, as it is a festival dedicated to the patron saint of the city, also declared a Heritage Festival of National Interest.

This year the festival takes place from September 11 to 24. During the festivities there are many activities, parades, concerts, theatrical performances and religious processions, although one of the shows that attracts the largest number of visitors is the “correfoc”, also called dance of devils.

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